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    TH/E BEDSIDE SERIES: Buyer Bryant Lee
    Isabella Davey

    Welcome to the fifth of our bedside series, where we are celebrating our friends through their most intimate and telling space: the bedside table. From well-worn novellas to classical tomes, cups of coffee and personal totems from afar: what we are keeping close in this time of introspection are signals of who we are and where we imagine ourselves to be.

    Asking our friends what they are reading, what they are seeing, what they are thinking and what are they smelling first thing in the morning and last thing late at night, Timothy Han / Edition takes a look at how scent can impact our environments, surroundings and our homes in a global time of uncertainty and change.

    For our most recent conversation, we spoke to Bryant Lee, the Senior Buyer and Partner of globally recognised cult Soho retailer Machine-A where he is responsible for discovering new brands, overseeing creative collaborative partnerships and engaging with designers, artisans, creators all around the world. Bryant's attention to detail and his own personal style has led to him XXXX 

    Here Bryant tells us about his lockdown routine and why his Timothy Han / Edition On the Road candle makes him feel safe during these uncertain times.  


    TH/E Bedside Series: Buyer Bryant Lee


    What do you have on your bedside table?
    Flos Snoopy Lamp
    A glass of water
    Wong To Yick Medicated Balm
    Curtain Remote


    What are you reading right now and why? 
    To be honest, I don't really read books, more a visual / phone before bed kind of millennial. However I do look through Putnam and Putnam's Flower Colour Guide book, before bed. I've been getting into flowers a lot for the past year. It's my go to activity away from work, that I enjoy for fun. It's interesting to learn new flowers, names and the different varieties there are.


    What TH/E candle do you have on your bedside table and why that particular scent from the range?
    On The Road, it's been my favourite scent ever since I smelled it in the Tomorrow Showroom at Le Palais during Paris Fashion Week. It's very warming, sophisticated and chic. Personally I have already gone through 4 of them, in the past few months in Quarantine. It's perfect for the bedroom.


    What does TH/E candle remind you of?
    It reminds me of home, coziness and comfort of my own space. It's where i feel safe.


    What made you fall in love with TH/E's scents?
    The story behind each scent, the connection between books. It's engaging on another level, every ingredient put into the scent has a meaning. It's something you don't see a lot of nowadays with contemporary fragrance brands. I also love the packaging, it's nice to see unique collaborations on the boxes.


    What are you spending your time doing at home during lock down?
    Work mostly, I work everyday Monday - Sunday, there's been alot of tasks and projects I have done during quarantine. It's kept me busy, which I enjoy. Of course also indulging in junk food, which everyone has been doing. Netflix all day, and non-stop reality tv shows.


    What is the first thing you do in the morning?
    Wake Up, Wash Up, go downstairs in my neighbourhood café for a delicious cup of Oat Flat White. This has been keeping me sane during this whole quarantine period. Without the flat-white in the morning I don't know what would happen... then I start my day working in my home office.


    What is the last thing you do at night?
    Brew myself a cup of Soba Cha, to finish off the night.


    Explore the complete Timothy Han / Edition candle range here.


    TH/E Bedside Series: Bryant Lee

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