The Art of She Came to Stay

The Art of She Came to Stay

September 30, 2014

She Came to Stay is noticeable for it's strong box covers each set with a limited edition print by artist Kirtland Ash.

When I began to create the packaging for our debut perfume She Came to Stay, I knew that I wanted to create something which would reflect not just the inspiration for the perfume but also the artisanal qualities and the fact that you were truly purchasing something special and unlike any other perfume.

The concept of creating the perfume in addition runs was already established and so I began to play around with the idea of creating covers which would clearly reflect each edition as somehow being different from the last but still part of the same family. I toyed with the idea of using a production year on each box but also was aware that we would likely be producing multiple runs a year and that if we were producing a product towards the beginning of a year we would likely be using raw materials harvested the previous year.

It was by chance that I was visiting Kirtland while he was working on a project called Lidl Women. When I saw them I knew right away that that was what I wanted for my covers.

A number of his working studies which led him to Lidl Women were lying on his table. Each image was created from a series of collages cut from popular culture magazines that would combine together to make a new image so that the viewer would begin to question the identity of the characters he was creating with the collages. The concept of identity and self echoed that of the story and the idea of art prints being limited edition runs was perfect.

“She Came to Stay” talks about our relationship with our self and to those around us - I wanted to reflect this concept in my work. So that “Faces” is about interpreting our perceptions of identity; both of ourselves and of the other. Of how we can find fragments of the familiar within the unknown. It is very much about knowing who we are.

Kirtland Ash

When I discussed the idea with Kirtland he was excited by the prospect. He already knew the story and when I showed him the perfume it inspired him to being working on some new "faces" which would better reflect the different concepts of identity and relationship that existed within the book.

Over the coming months we began to speak extensively about fragrance and how it relates to self identity. Here are some of the questions I would pose to him:

What is your earliest scent memory?
My first memory was of my father’s cologne called Blue Stratos. The scent is etched in my memory and even now if I smell it on someone it immediately brings back memories. It's funny how one can still remember a fragrance from childhood.

What is your favourite scent?
My favourite scent keeps evolving. I started wearing Krizia Uomo in college and later Chanel for men.

Do you have a comfort scent?
I don't have a specific comfort scent but I do like scents that are earthy but not too sweet.

What does the fragrance She Came to Stay mean to you?
I find it sophisticated in that at first scent it comes across as quite a simple woody fragrance but as you wear it you begin to notice a lot of depth and layers to it. 

How has it inspired your work for the boxes?
I felt that the fragrance evoked similar emotions to those found in my series of works entitled “Faces”. The fact that the fragrance was constantly evolving and even how it would take on completely different personalities on different people fascinated me.




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Jane mann
Jane mann

December 26, 2014

I was given this wonderful perfume as Christmas present and I am really loving it

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