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    TH/E BEDSIDE SERIES: The Photographer Ash Kingston
    Isabella Davey and Timothy Han

    Welcome to the third of our bedside series, where we are celebrating our friends through their most intimate and telling space: the bedside table. From well-worn novellas to classical tomes, cups of coffee and personal totems from afar: what we are keeping close in this time of introspection are signals of who we are and where we imagine ourselves to be.

    Asking our friends what they are reading, what they are seeing, what they are thinking and what are they smelling first thing in the morning and last thing late at night, Timothy Han / Edition takes a look at how scent can impact our environments, surroundings and our homes in a global time of uncertainty and change.

    For our third conversation, we spoke to the lanky 24-year-old photographer Ash KingstonKnown for bringing a very personal approach to his work, he is currently seen as one of the rising young photographers to watch.

    His unique ability to capture photos that show people at ease as if they're just hanging out with a friend has been used to capture images for the likes of big brands like Adidas to H&M and Burberry to Chanel.  Dua Lipa, Winona Ryder, ASAP Ferg and Kaya Scodelario are just some of the notable faces who have all been capture by his camera.

    Here Ash tells us about making a limited edition zine during lockdown and why his On the Road candle reminds him of freedom.

     THE/E Bedside Series: The Photographer Ash Kingston

    What do you have on your bedside table?
    Spectacles, lighters, pens, my diary, a glass of water and a TIMOTHY HAN / EDITION scented candle.


    What are you reading right now and why? 
    81 Austerities by Sam Riviere, it’s a nice book of poems.


    What TH/E candle do you have on your bedside table and why that particular scent from the range?
    On The Road, because right now I’m stuck at home and that reminds me of being out the house.


    What does TH/E candle remind you of?


    What made you fall in love with TH/E's scents?
    The story, the smells, and of course Timothy.


    What are you spending your time doing at home during lockdown?
    I just finished making my first ever physical zine. Which is launching today!


    ED NOTE: We are excited to offer a very limited number of
    Ash's magazine available to purchase in our Book Store. 


    What is the first thing you do in the morning?
    Complain or flirt with girls on the internet.


    What is the last thing you do at night?
    Blow my candle out.


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