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  • BUM! for BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! 220g Scented Candle

    Who doesn't like BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!?

    We're pleased to offer our collaboration with The Little Black Gallery and Ghislain Pascal to help support the LGTBQ* community.

    Wild top notes of aromatic white florals float over a heart of animalic tones, cumin and vetiver. With undertones of patchouli and a dirty powdery musk that come together to celebrate the strength of male love. 100% natural skin safe vegetable wax.


    $5 from the sale of each candle will go to charities supporting the LGBTQ+ community and fighting the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

    Handcrafted in England. 

    Burn Time: 60 hrs

    Size: 220 g / 8.7 oz



    Due to shipping regulations, unfortunately we currently only ship to the UK from this website. If you would like to purchase our products from outside the UK, please get in touch at hello@timothyhan.com for more information on international orders. 


    Ghislain Pascal, curator of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! and co-founder of The Little Black Gallery said: "It only seemed natural for us to add a candle to our growing stable of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! goodies. We are trying to create an environment for people to enjoy and celebrate their lives surrounded by beautiful art, books, magazines, and now smells. It is also a great way for people to support our BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! programme for queer and gay photography whilst also raising the much needed funds for LGBTQ+ charities."

    BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is a project by The Little Black Gallery, curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal, to promote queer and gay photography.

    It now represents more than 65 photographers from 30 countries - including China, India, Iran, Poland, Russia and Turkey where gay rights are repressed and queer lives under constant threat.

    BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! includes exhibitions, books, a bi-annual magazine, photography courses, competitions, and online art platform