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    TH/E SUBVERSIVE: Eliot Haworth
    Georgia Graham
    Ash Kingston
    Art Direction
    Katie Walsh
    Eliot Haworth describes the Fantastic Man as “interesting, accomplished, genuine and well dressed.” Judging by those criteria, Haworth is well adapted to his environment. A former Zoology student, now the magazine’s assistant editor, Haworth knows a thing or two about adaptation. That, and Siberian Sturgeons…
    Hi Eliot! What are you wearing?
    I’m wearing green.
    What do clothes do to a person?
    I think clothes at their best present the person wearing them. Who they like to be, who they want to be. I don’t think it’s a disingenuous thing. That’s the way clothing should be - it should feel natural. Like a sort of aura?!
    The Fantastic Man archive of issues
     The Fantastic Man Archive 
    You’re the assistant editor at Fantastic Man. What makes a man fantastic?
    It’s quite a broad category. They’re interesting people. They are accomplished but they don’t necessarily have to be wildly successful. Well dressed I think is a criteria. It’s a combination of being an interesting person who carries themselves in a particular way. Not a fussy way, but someone who pays attention to things, in what they wear and how they live their life.
    How did you get your start in journalism?
    I started writing about fashion for my student newspaper. I don’t really know why I wanted to write about fashion, it was just something I found myself drawn towards. I also started my own terrible, terrible music society zine, which lasted about a year!
    Apparently you spent 10 months as a research assistant for the University of Eastern Finland. Is that true?
    Eliot Haworth Fantastic ManEliot Haworth
     Eliot demonstrates the benefit of zip leg trousers
    What did that entail? Good clothes, bad clothes?
    Oh, great clothes! I studied in a field called cardiac electrophysiology - it’s how the cells of the heart function on an electrical level. I was looking at the heart of a Siberian Sturgeon, which is a very ancient species of fish. It was one of the most niche, interesting things I’ve ever done. But it also really cemented in my mind that I did not want to be a research scientist.
    They say every writer hates writing but loves having written. Is this true?
    There are times when I absolutely hate writing. I usually start off very enthusiastic and have these amazing ideas in my head of how it’s going to work, and then you start writing and realize that none of that actually makes any sense and it’s not going to work out at all. You hit a big trough, and think: “This thing’s never going to get written! It’s awful!” But then it starts taking shape again and coming together and I find it really satisfying.
    What do you love to hate?
    I think I willfully hate a select few things. One of them is Arsenal FC, because I grew up in Camden and I was the only Blackburn Rovers fan.
    What do you hate to love?
    Nothing. I think if I love it, I love it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit terrible or a guilty pleasure. It’s fully justified.
    TH/E SUBVERSIVE: Eliot Haworth  
      Eliot showing a copy of Butt Magazine also by the Fantastic Man team.
    For the shoot you wore TH/E SUBVERSIVE T-shirt. What’s the best way to be subversive?
    I don’t have an Anarchist cookbook guide to making Molotov cocktails or anything like that! I think the best way to be subversive is to subvert yourself. To keep questioning what you do. Find new ways of doing it.
    If you were to mix a scent that smelled like you, what would you put in there?
    I think I probably smell generally quite clean. I sometimes wear the fragrance that Timothy gave me, “She came to stay” because it makes me smell like a tree, and I really like it. And that smell that is indefinable and specific to you; a strange kind of human smell. The neck smell.
    Eliot Haworth Interview
    The interviewer as interviewee and a self portrait.

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